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1981 XP27 Society, Inc. began its business with the design, manufacture and supplying to the Spanish Ministry of Defense and the General Directorate of Civil Guard with cryptographic encoders own patented that, anecdotally gave name to the company.

1985 The Company identifies the need to diversify the business to other different from the one with the State Administration and alternate with the private sector motivated by the development of a portable terminal, precursor of the current PDA for the acquisition, processing and data storage.

1989 The company changes its philosophy of diversification and specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing of Intelligent Transportation Systems as their main activity. Xp27 shown pioneered many of the systems currently operating in this sector by providing small and large buses and coaches urban, metropolitan and intercity:

• Consulting and planning of transport operations.
• Monet: Vending tickets (tickets) on board.
• Payment card contact and contactless chip.
• Sale of tickets at the box office.
• Vehicle Location (AVL).
• Automatic data acquisition board.
• Software for statistical treatment.
• Financial control of the operation ..
• Applications management of bus stations (South Station Madrid)

1995 Xp27 trade represents both the European leader in passenger information, Britain Hanover Displays Ltd in over 32 countries. For five years takes place in the Spanish market revenues reaching enough to promote the creation in 2000 of Hanover Displays SL

2000 A firm commitment to international expansion and an unwavering spirit enables development projects throughout Latin America, Europe and North Africa. Separate firms involved Xp27 with collection systems and Hanover Displays with information systems.

It incorporates new products such as:

• Counters passenger infrared
• Location (GPS)
• Communications Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, UMTS.
• Software for resource optimization and planning of the operation.
• Geographic information systems (GIS), etc..

2005 In a natural way, based on the experience and the development of increasingly complex projects born the concept BUSMATICK comprehensive provider of Intelligent Transportation Systems and a member of ITS Spain, implanted as a group of companies countries where we have greater foothold: Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

and we keep moving forward ...

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