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For the realization of their projects Busmatick has the necessary experience in developing hardware and software systems. The activity of this company is the development and manufacturing electronics and the development of integrated engineering systems. We have enough electronic and computer systems to develop almost all of the projects from their design for manufacturing and distribution.

A wide experience in the field of hardware design and the tools to fully develop engineering and electronics manufacturing allows us to provide customized solutions to our end users, especially in the transport world.

Since the beginning of its activities, we have a special relevance to the development of laboratory and all equipment it sells are designed, created and manufactured within the company. This has a team of qualified engineers and technical staff to provide assistance in the design, development and manufacture of equipment.

The team of Busmatick consists of a 80% of graduates of which the half are Technical and Superior Engineers. The entire staff is dedicated to the service of passenger transport companies, so we are involved in developments undertaken by the company, given that technological progress requires the introduction of systems that were innovative, such as chip cards with and without contact, wifi, gprs, etc.

All company personnel is highly qualified and has the expertise necessary to meet the technological needs of its customers.

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