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Quality Policy

Busmatick Group , a company whose business development and manufacture of integrated automation and control the operation of transport companies, is constantly evolving and aims to offer to its customers products and services of the highest quality, so it has incorporated Quality Management as a strategic factor.

Busmatick policy to achieve this goal translates into a commitment of management in the establishment, implementation and maintenance of a Quality System and it is distributed and updated at all levels of the organization.

For this, Busmatick management, is committed to:

• Align all processes and activities towards increasing customer satisfaction.

• Establish and evaluate the objectives and targets set in an objective and rigorous, to ensure quality and continuous improvement of our activities.

• To raise awareness, motivate and train our professionals to develop our services with the highest quality and make available the necessary resources to make this possible, enabling continuous improvement of quality and processes of Busmatick.

• Provide value added products and services according to the requirements and demands from our clients, based on the personalized service and efficiency of our activities to achieve your satisfaction.

• Anticipating the technological needs of our customers regarding the services offered by Busmatick.

• Develop initiatives to continually improve quality management through prevention and analysis of the root causes of problems encountered.

This policy is periodically reviewed for improvement and adaptation.

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