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International Projects

Some examples of the achievements of the team Busmatick are:

Integration project type 1

CRTM - Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid.
• Installation of vending and canceling more than 700 buses of 12 metropolitan transport operators.
• Communication protocol to cancel Edmonson type magnetic band of other vendors (Indra).
• loading and unloading Communications WiFi.

Integration Project type 2
Metrosinú - Monteria Urban Transport (Colombia)
• Detection turnstiles pulse rise and fall travelers and activation of solenoid to allow access to the traveler.
• Cancel external contactless card embedded with LEDs.
• Contactless card drivers and inspectors with shift scheduling and discharge assessments.
• Point of Sale / recharge card users.
• GPS: location and automatic stop in the dispenser.
• Integration of passenger information systems and external sign systems and voice-activated GPS location.
• System and program load rates, and download sales via Bluetooth.

Integration project type 3
11 companies in Montevideo and Maldonado (Uruguay)
• Location of stop and record GPS positions traveled to integrate with a satellite tracking systems on line by sending GPRS positions a Geographic Information System.
• Download of sales to the central GPRS communications.
• Contactless card reader integrated with the user screen.
• Contactless cards for drivers: liquidations and shifts.
• Contactless cards for user travel vouchers, passes, and purses.
• Integration of passenger information systems with external sign, sign systems and internal voice that is activated by the automatic GPS location.
• Communication with the central vocal 'hands free'.
• System portable auxiliary 4MB download capacity. This system is also used to update the program and rates.

Integration project type 4
Integration SAE (System for operating aid)
• With Avanza Grupo GMV - Urban Transport Segovia, Jaén, Soria, etc.
• With KNOSOS in HIFE company - Tortosa.
• With AMEC SPIE twelve cities of France.
• With Prointec SIGETEX planned involving more than 300 buses of 50 companies in the autonomous community of Extremadura.
• With SAE providers (Spie Ceccli ...) in 1,400 buses in more than 12 cities.
• With management systems IASI-Romania.

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